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I'm Richard Chace, the 44-year-old CEO of XRPGPT. My journey in business began at PSB Academy in Singapore, and over the years, I've become deeply ingrained in the cryptocurrency sector. Married for 12 years, I am a proud father of twins, a boy and a girl. My passion extends beyond the world of cryptocurrencies; I enjoy playing tennis and table tennis, golfing, reading, traveling, and diving into video games. With roots in both the USA and Singapore, my diverse background brings a unique perspective to my leadership in the innovative field of AI powered XRP trading technology. My adventure with XRP started quite unexpectedly in a digital world brimming with possibilities. It was during my exploration of cryptocurrencies that I discovered XRP. Its distinct attributes and goals resonated with me, sparking a deep curiosity. What set XRP apart for me was its vision to revolutionize the conventional financial system, emphasizing efficiency, speed, and inclusivity. Witnessing XRP's rapid transactions and the scalability of the Ripple network was a revelation. I realized I was not just observing a digital currency but a transformative force in finance.


My engagement with XRP began in 2014, amid the cryptocurrency market’s downturns. At that time, XRP was the fourth largest cryptocurrency, trading at $0.001475. Investing $1,000 bought me approximately 14.75 XRP. Within two months, as XRP’s value increased to $0.006004 and climbed to the third position among cryptocurrencies, my investment quadrupled to $4,073.56, marking the start of my deep interest in this project.


XRP’s journey to its all-time high of $3.3778 on January 4, 2018, amidst a bearish market, was particularly astounding. This period typically follows a bitcoin halving and is characterized by a downturn, yet XRP surged to become the second largest cryptocurrency by market cap.

The landscape shifted in December 2020 when the SEC alleged that Ripple had raised over $1.3 billion through an unregistered securities offering by selling XRP. This news was unsettling, especially as XRP was subsequently delisted from U.S. exchanges. However, despite these challenges, XRP maintained its standing as the fifth largest cryptocurrency by market cap in 2022, without trading on any U.S. exchanges.

A significant turning point came in July 2023 when U.S. District Judge Analisa Torres ruled in favor of Ripple in part, determining that XRP sales on public exchanges did not constitute unregistered securities offerings. This legal victory propelled XRP from the sixth to the fourth largest cryptocurrency, trading at $1.006 with a market cap of $39.243 billion.

This journey with XRP solidified my belief in its potential and led me to consider how to simplify trading for XRP enthusiasts. My team and I developed an artificial intelligence algorithm tailored for Ripple trading. After rigorous testing, we were thrilled with the results. Now, with xrpgpt.io, we’re excited to contribute to the XRP community.

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Legal advisor

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Data scientists

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DevOps engineer

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Marketing specialist

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