Driving sustainability in crypto, finance and the global economy

Ripple believes that a sustainable future is ours for the making. By advancing and applying innovative technology, we can successfully address some of the world's most daunting challenges, including climate change.

Achieving corporate sustainability

We’re reducing our own carbon footprint and have pledged to reach carbon net-zero emissions by 2030—or sooner. Our progress is steady across reduced emissions, clean energy use, and investment in innovative carbon removal projects.

Championing low-energy blockchain

We build on one of the world’s fastest, low-energy and carbon-neutral, public blockchains—the XRP Ledger. Of course, real change requires collective action. This is why we advocate for a low-carbon future for the entire crypto industry and global economy. Rather than being at odds with sustainability, we believe that crypto can play a catalytic role in addressing climate change, while also promoting increased financial inclusion and efficiency.

Ready to get started?

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