Fintech as a force for good

Ripple Impact launched in 2018 with the goal of being a force for positive change for both people and the planet. From industry leading sustainability commitments, to funding innovative financial inclusion programs, to empowering our employees to make a difference, this report highlights some of the milestones Ripple Impact reached in 2022 and the partners that helped make it all possible.

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Increasing Financial Opportunity for All

Globally, 1.4 billion people are unbanked and nearly 2 billion more are underbanked. In 2022, Ripple continued to invest in blockchain technologies and NGOs working to accelerate global financial inclusion. Through partnerships with groups like Mercy Corps Ventures, CARE and the University of California at Berkeley, Ripple is transforming how financially excluded or underserved communities access and participate in financial services. Together we are increasing equity and economic opportunity.

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